Cobham Rugby

Long Term Athletic Development

Cobham Rugby continues to encourage best practice – please see our latest information on player and coach development based around long term athlete development models used throughout UK Sport.

Please review the following documents:

These documents deliver the clubs ethos on how we should develop our players, develop coaches and covers a number of important messages which will all ensure we not only make good rugby players of our children, but good people too.

This resource is a must read for all parents and coaches who want the best development for their children. 

Cobham RFC want to create an Active, Purposeful, Enjoyable and Safe environment whereall players may develop to the best of their ability, to place the player at the forefront of all decisions and to place the needs of the child firstand encourage an atmosphere where enjoyment is paramount and winning matches is neither the sole nor most important measure of success.

We want to consider the wider implications of player’s development including;

  • Confidence
  • Creativity Character
  • Competence
  • Connection

Therefore, we have written this Long Term Player Development model as a template to retain & develop young players and to encourage their continued adult participation, preferably at Cobham RFC but regardless, within rugby. This best practice document begins to provide coaches with a structure within which they can develop all players and encourages players and parents to understand, participate in, and contribute to Club activities.


- Simeon Barnes – Club Coaching Co-ordinator


Stephen Heard – Club Chairman

Anthony van Hoffen – Mini Chairman

John Craig – Youth Chairman