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Touring is a great tradition at any Rugby club, let alone Cobham. It provides an opportunity for great rugby and great fun. We start the touring ethos in the Minis which transcends Youth and develops into the Seniors.

The Club Committee thought it would be useful to set a policy for guidance as well as adherence which is noted below for Youth and Minis' Touring.


Cobham Rugby Football Club Mini & Youth Tour Policy

Cobham Rugby Football Club both supports and encourages the organisation of Rugby Tours.  The aim is to design the tour for and around the children of the club ultimately for their enjoyment and benefit. 



1)      Cobham Rugby Football Club (CRFC) actively supports and encourages the organising of Rugby Tours for both Mini and Youth sections. This is considered to be an ideal way to promote bonding, foster friendships and facilitate an understanding of other cultures and different attitudes.

2)      It is the Club’s responsibility to ensure that all tours arranged for both Mini and Youth sections are well organised, with an emphasis on a Duty of Care and Supervision to all the children at all times whilst in our care. 

3)      All tours will be organised in accordance with RFU guidelines and within the ethos and spirit of the game.

4)      There is a requirement for ALL tours to be signed off on the appropriate form by the Club Secretary and ultimately the relevant RFU body.  All other necessary forms must also be completed in a timely manner, specifically the RFU Notification of Proposed Overseas Tour form - see RFU website for details.

5)      Each child must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or a nominated adult chaperone. 

6)      Both Mini and Youth sections will have named “Tour Manager/Managers” who will have responsibility for the Tour organisation and day to day administration whilst on Tour.  Other Tour members may be co opted in to help.

7)      There is a requirement that at least two of the touring adults should hold an accredited and up to date first aid certificate.

8)      It is mandatory that all those directly involved with the tour (i.e. Coaches, Managers, first aiders and any individuals helping with the children) will have a current verified CRB.

9)      All children must be paid up members of CRFC and be registered with the RFU.

10)  The Club expects all Coaches and Managers and parents to act appropriately, responsibly and sensibly whilst supervising and in the presence of the touring children. They must act as role models at all times.

11)  Tour Organisers must be aware that any noted/reported misconduct whilst on tour may lead to the RFU imposing sanctions on the Club and possibly withdrawing permission for future touring.  Misconduct will be viewed very seriously and any adults or children who are disruptive may be asked to leave the Tour.  Any resulting additional costs incurred will be met by the parent concerned and if the child is being chaperoned, the parent made be required to collect and escort their child home. No refund will be given in these circumstances.

12)  During the evenings it will be a requirement that adults will share the supervising of the children.  In these instances there will be the expectation that those “nominated” individuals will refrain from drinking alcohol.

13)  It is imperative that the consumption of alcohol by tourists who are under the UK legal drinking age is strictly forbidden. This rule applies abroad irrespective of the legal age limit in any particular country.

14)  Managers are responsible for promoting this policy document to all age group parents, who themselves must individually take responsibility to read, understand and adhere to the policy.

15)  In all cases, prior consent for any tour must be obtained from the Club’s Management Committee.


Mini Tours will only take place within the United Kingdom with the aim that all age groups travel together. However there may be times when this is not possible.

1)      Each child is to be accompanied by a parent/guardian or nominated responsible adult.  No adult may have responsibility for more than three children.

2)      The parent/guardian/nominated adult is responsible for the safety, welfare and behaviour of the children in their care at all times, except during training and playing a match when the coaches take on the responsibility. 


1)      Youth Tours will be permitted within the United Kingdom and abroad.

2)      There must be sufficient, responsible coaches, managers and adults on tour so as to ensure the welfare and control the safety of the children. In general terms this means that no adult may have responsibility for more than three children.  


An invitation to Tour must be extended to all members relevant to the specific agegroup.

Organisers must be aware of and consider costs in order to be equitable and affordable to all.


Accommodation must be suitable in relation to the age group and must be assessed to be adequately safe and hazard free.  Where possible, a risk assessment should be undertaken.

Parents of all those children travelling with a guardian must complete the requisite Medical Information and Permission to Tour form, which the Tour Manager will hold.  


Players are covered whilst playing matches and training whilst on tour within the Home Nations under the RFUs Accidental Death & Permanent Disability Insurance scheme. This only relates to the potential risks within the rules of the game of rugby.  Separate player insurance is likely to be required for tours outside the Home Nations.  In the case of tours outside the Home Nations individual travel insurance must be organised by the parents in order to provide 24 hour cover for non rugby related accidents, to include repatriation costs following accident or injury etc. 

If touring involves potential hazardous activities such as canoeing, climbing or abseiling for example, then the organisers of these events must supply written evidence that health & safety control measures are in place and that appropriately trained personnel are in attendance at all times.  They must also have an adequate insurance policy in place to cover accident, medical expenses and public liability etc. 


A brief report is to be submitted by the Tour manager to the Mini and Youth committees.  These will promote and support younger age groups in planning their future tours.


March 2011