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Vice Presidents

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Here is a list of those who have been honoured by being elected as Vice President. Such an election takes place at the Annual General Meeting and is bestowed on those who have contributed significantly, as volunteers, to the operation and running of the Rugby Club over an extended period of time. The procedure for the election of Vice Presidents is shown below the honours board.



Life Vice President's

Life Vice President's Date of Award
Peter Marsh                         (Deceased) 2007
Anthony Balkwill  
Stuart R Davies  2009
Lionel Frewin  2009
Andy Harburn  2016
Colin Herridge  2016
Richard Hornby  2014
Christopher Kearsey  
Roger King  
David Lofting  1993
Peter Newland  2007
John Shanahan                    (Deceased)  
David Small  2009
Ian Thomas  2016
David Williams  2009
Richard Blackman 1994
Ayliffe                                (Deceased)  1967
Alan Bolt  1967
Bowles                               (Deceased)  1967
Bolt                                   (Deceased)  1967
Cole                                  (Deceased)  1967
Hallum                               (Deceased)  1967
Mather OBE                         (Deceased)  1967
Rose                                  (Deceased)  1967
Southam                            (Deceased)  1967
Wright                               (Deceased)  1967
West                                 (Deceased)  1967
Ellis                                   (Deceased)  1967
Gordon Levati                      (Deceased) 1967
Watson                              (Deceased) 1967

Vice President's

Vice President's Date of Award
Dino Adams  
Mr R Appleby  2003
Howard Barlow  2003
Dave Burton 1999
Ann Barlow  2001
Maggie Burton  1999
Fran Bond  2009
Bill Carley  2000
Sedge Charlton  
Bob Chessher  1989
Peter W Christie  1999
Ray Cook  1987
Paul Cragg  2009
Brian Davis  1989
Norman Evans  1989
Duncan Felton  1994
Spencer Franks  2009
Dick Frost  2000
Steve Heard  2013
Paul Hickson  2009
Caroline Hornby  2013
Paul Hubbard  2009
Roger Hunt 1999
David James  2001
Edwina James  2001
Bob Jones-Davies 2009
Colin Johnson  1999
Brian Keel  1989
Roger Hunt 1999
Matt Lunn  2009
Bob Mcquade  2004
Chris Melton  2009
Jon Moxon  2009
Emma Murphy  2009
Rory Murphy  2009
Stewart Palmer  2000
Mark Redknap  1989
Derek Richardson  1989
Alan Samuel  2009
Tom Schofield  2009
Peter Taylor  2009
Keith Thomas  1989
Rob Waite  
Suzanne Whealing  2009
Paul Willis  1999

Past Vice President's

Vice President's Date of Award
Rob Andrews  2003
David Atkinson  
Neville Biden  1994
K Biggs  1994
Roy Bliss  2009
Alan Bolt  
Michael Brown  2009
Bob Bruce  2009
Geoff Clifford           (Deceased)  1993
C Davis 1999
Paul Davis  1999
Chris Dean  2009
Peter Dickson          (Deceased)  1992
John Etheridge  1989
Graham Finch  1994
David Gillam  1997
Stephen Green  2013
Brian Hicks             (Deceased)  1972
Jason Hoad  2009
Tony Hobson  2009
David J Hughes       (Deceased)  1989
Bob John-Davies  
Sue Necci  2000
Pat Kennedy           (Deceased)  1966
Pat Keogh  1989
Tony Maddocks       (Deceased)  1989
Geoff Nordemann  2001
Nigel Parkes  1992
David Pogson  1994
Jon Roberts  2009
Claire Smith  2003
Bob Spavin  2001
D Sweasey OBE 1985
G Rodney Thomas  1989
Kevin Trinder  2004
Simon Willis  1999
Don Wright  1989
Tim Yates  2013
April 1987
Mike Apse 1994
Baigent                   (Deceased) 1950
Gordon Baldwin 1994
Bancroft (Deceased) 1950
Dave Barrett 2009
Basil Bedford            (Deceased) 1989
W Biggs                   (Deceased)  
Biggs 1989
C F Blackman           (Deceased) 1965
Bobbit 1965
Eric Bowles              (Deceased) 1961
Boyd-Carpenter MP   (Deceased) 1948
Bradshaw                (Deceased) 1956
Cedric Charlton  
Charlton 1950
John Courtney          (Deceased) 1989
Cussen                    (Deceased) 1948
Davies                     (Deceased) 1950
Dommett                 (Deceased) 1948
Dopson                    (Deceased) 1969
Leonard Eggleston 1989
Ellis                         (Deceased) 1950
Fisher                      (Deceased) 1950
Nigel Fisher MP         (Deceased) 1957
Forward                   (Deceased) 1966
Gooding                   (Deceased) 1950
Michael Gregory 1989
Heath                      (Deceased) 1950
Ken Higgins             (Deceased) 1961
Hopkins                   (Deceased) 1957
David Hughes          (Deceased) 1989
Iliffe                        (Deceased) 1948
Iliffe                        (Deceased) 1950
Gordon Jackson 1989
Bob Jones-Davies  2009
Norman Leppard       (Deceased) 1965
Levati                      (Deceased) 1957
May                         (Deceased) 1963
Mear                        (Deceased) 1948
Derek Newland         (Deceased) 1989
Oura                        (Deceased) 1951
Pollard                     (Deceased) 1949
Barry Powles            1980
Price                        (Deceased) 1963
Gordon Ralph            (Deceased) 1989
Rathjen                    (Deceased) 1956
Peter Raymond 1989
Robson-Brown MP     (Deceased) 1950
Rupert Rose              (Deceased) 1948
Anthony Ryan           (Deceased) 1989
Shaylor                    (Deceased) 1948
Sherwood                (Deceased) 1956
Southam                  (Deceased) 1957
Anthony Stephenson 1966
Dave Wade 1989
Wade                       (Deceased) 1980
Waller                      (Deceased) 1966
Watson                    (Deceased) 1950
Humphrey Weedon 1989
Weedon 1992
West                        (Deceased) 1950
Wheatland 1949
Wood DFC                (Deceased) 1963
Youi                         (Deceased) 1976



The terms under which the club’s ‘Honours System’ will operate from the start of the 2016/17 season will be:-

1) A standing VP’s committee to be formed comprising CRFC Chairman/CRFC President + 2 current LIFE VP’s (for 2016-17 this will be Richard Hornby & Tony Balkwill).

2) Nominations to be made to section head(s) by e.o February annually, who will then take nomination(s) to the main RFC committee by end of March who in turn will, if ratified, recommend to VP’s standing committee by 1st April.

3) Standing Committee will propose those recommended, for this honour, to the CRFC AGM where they will be voted for by the membership.

4) Nominations can be made by a Committee member, Section Head, Team Manager or Head coach.

5) VP honours are conferred for long and exemplary service to the club either as a coach/manager/committee member/other dedicated works carried out to promote or assist in the operation of the club.

6) VP’s will retain active VP status:-

a) As long as they continue to support the club and as long as they are physically/mentally able to be involved.

b) They make a reasonable annual financial contribution to the club normally expected to be equal to or more than the cost of social membership.

7) Each recipient of the honour will have their name and year of award added to the virtual Honours Board on the Club’s website. They will also receive a lapel badge denominating their VP status.