Cobham Rugby

Club & Cobham Sports Association AGM's 2017

It was gratifying to see an increased attendance at both the Rugby Club's and Cobham Sports AGM's which took place at the club on Monday 5th June 2017.


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The meeting kicked off at 7.30pm with the Rugby clubs AGM at which the minutes of last years meeting was approved and section reports presented by Vicky Alexander (Girls Rugby), Chris Melton (Senior Rugby), John Craig (Youth Rugby), Daniel Cowan who gave Minis report on behalf of Simeon Barnes. These were followed by Jonathan Fussell who presented the Treasurers report and Steve Heard who gave that of the Chairman.

Lionel Frewin was elected as President, for what he stated was his final year.

This was followed by the election of the following Rugby Club Officers:

Chairman       : Steve Heard

Treasurer       : David Small

Secretary       : Richard Hornby


Main Rugby Club Committee:

Chairman               : Steve Heard

Secretary               : TBA

Other Members        : Chris Melton

                              John Craig

                              Dan Cowan

                              Vicky Alexander

                              Simeon Barnes

Communications Committee:

Chairman                : Paul Hickson

Other Members         : Carl Lemmer

                               Callum Stott

                               Nick Melton

Social Committee:

Chairman                 : Caroline Hornby

Other Members          : Claire McQuade

                                Jonny Payne         


The proposition was made to honour Johnathan Fussell and Denise Symons by electing them as VP's and was unanimously approved by the membership.


The CSA AGM followed at which the Chairman Paul Tunnicliffe gave reports on the other sports sections using the ground and thanked retiring directors, David Williams, Chris Cullen and Nick Hyams for their service and dedication to the Association. Paul Tunnicliffe who also retired from the CSA board, expressed his good wishes for the club's future success.

The following officers were elected/reelected to serve on the Cobham Sports Association Board:-

  • Steve Heard
  • Jonathan Fussell
  • Anthony Balkwill
  • Richard Hornby
  • Simeon Barnes
  • Dino Adams
  • Denise Symons

Notice was given that the Cobham Sports Association will change its name to Cobham Rugby and Sports Association.

Lionel Frewin gave an update of progress in relation to the proposed enlargement of the ground floor club-room and bar and the relocation of the club office to the ground floor. He then answered a number of questions from the floor.


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Braemar Members and retiring trustees of the Peter Marsh Trust, Stuart Davies, Peter Newland and Roger King, explained the extent of the financial assistance that the club had received over the past thirteen years from the bequest of Peter Marsh, amounting to circa £1.3m, the final tranche of which was then presented to the CSA. Outgoing Chairman Paul Tunnicliffe expressed both his and the entire club's thanks for the amazing legacy which the club has enjoyed over so many years.


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