Cobham Rugby

Match Report Cobham 22- Tunbridge Wells 35

Late comeback not enough for Cobham

The Tunbridge Wells match report is a very fair commentary on a game they needed to win
Cobham's Director of Rugby Steve Pope had the following reflections on the match  
'Very frustrating day for everyone involved, two of the best sides in the league but only one playing with any real control.
We unfortunately gifted a good side 23 points before half time and let a number of scoring chances slip.
After giving ourselves so much to do we started to play in the manner we have done for large patches of this and last season.
A strong twenty  minutes put us back in the game... but unfortunately we had given ourselves too much to do on this occasion.
Best of luck to them as I'd love to see them push for the play off spot and give all those above us a tough run in.
We still have plenty to play for with Tots, Havant and Sevenoaks all still to among our remaining games.
If we can get the right team on the field for a couple of weeks in a row and everyone to training I really feel someone is going be on the end of a performance these boys are due.
We aren't a million miles away from where I hope we can be .... it just feels like it at the moment after half a performance today.


1 Josh Brown
2 Jake McQuade
3 Ben Joyce
4 Doug Rodman
5 Joe Goddard
6 Joe Davis
7 Ali Porter
8 Matt Koep
9 Rob Kennard
10 Ross Jones-Davies
11 Max MacDonald
12 Charlie Rooke
13 James MacDonald
14 Ollie Kitto
15 Charlie Mortimer

16 Sam Matcham (on for Ben Joyce)
17 Rob Fleming (on for Joe Davis)
18 Ryan Saunders (on for Rob Kennard)

No 11 Max MacDonald 
No 2 Jake McQuade 
No 10 Ross Jones Davies 

No 10 Ross Jones Davies 1 penalty and 2 conversions