Cobham Rugby

New kit provider for Cobham RFC - Akuma

A new exclusive Club kit and leisure clothing supplier

We are delighted to announce that Cobham RFC and the CRSA have appointed a new exclusive Club kit and leisure clothing supplier.

The Board have been keen to develop both a ‘One Club, One Shirt’ policy and to find a reliable, good quality provider, who can provide high quality kit at a sensible price, enabling the Club to have  kit uniformity across all the rugby playing sections. We believe that this is an important part of the Clubs future identity and branding.

Why did we need to change supplier?

The Board recognises that regularly changing supplier is not desirable, which is why we have been with our previous suppliers for many years. However we have also received a lot of feedback about the quality and variety of the current offer.

One unwelcome consequence of not having a single supplier is that individual age groups or sections have taken it upon themselves to engage directly with third party vendors which has led to an undesirable loss of Club identity with fragmented mixtures and colours and brands which has been detrimental to our relationship with our sponsors.

When can you buy the new kit?

The new range is in the shop now and can be purchased or ordered. We recognise that it will take time create uniformity across the Club we have no intention to force members to buy the new kit immediately but request that when they replace existing kit they do so from the new range now available.

Will other leisure wear be available?

One of the advantages of having the agreement with Akuma is the broader range of leisure-wear which includes T Shirts, Polo Shirts, Track pants, Hoodies, Jackets and other leisure wear.

Can I order online?

An online ordering facility is being put in place shortly so items can be ordered in advance and collected from the Club shop?

Can we purchase tour kit from third party suppliers?

NO - we have signed a legally binding sole-supplier contract with Akuma. They can customise and design a variety of leisure wear for tours. If you tour or play for Cobham RFC, you are representing the Club and are an ambassador for the Club and therefore must wear Cobham RFC approved kit. This applies to team managers, Coaches and other members of tour parties.