Cobham Rugby

One Club - One Shirt @ Cobham RFC

New shirts for the season...

During the closed season, your board agreed the design and for the very first time, Mini, Youth and Senior Cobham players will run out in the same strip from this season.


The new shirts will be phased in over a couple of seasons so initially the new shirts will NOT be available in ALL sizes - there are residual numbers of last seasons shirts still available in most sizes,  so no one will be without a playing shirt.


Therefore, there is NO compulsion to purchase or change perfectly well fitting existing shirts. The mini and youth Chairmen are in full agreement of this phased introduction. 


Inevitably they will be in demand and there will be some frustration so we ask you to bear with us over the initial period.


The new shirts we have will be available from 2nd September and priced at £45.





Along with the shirts new shorts,  sporting the updated Cobham Rugby motif will also be available from 2nd September. Again these are not compulsory.


Please be patient as I am sure that it will be busy. For the first 2 weeks of this season, the Shop WILL ONLY be offering playing kit  - i.e. Shirts, Shorts and Socks and not other items.


Rest assured that if we sell out, the playing kit is available on a very short 3 week restocking lead time - its always very difficult to predict demand for something new so please bear with us if you want or need something we don't have.