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This Sunday is a big day for Mini Rugby at Cobham. It is the annual Braemar Cup

Dear members 

This Sunday is a big day for Mini Rugby at Cobham. It is the annual Braemer Cup and this year will feature teams from Hampshire and Kent as well as many of our old friends from across Surrey. We will be using both the Memorial and the Covenham grounds and I know that all the teams would welcome your interest and support .
Why not come down to the Club grab a coffee,a beer or a burger and see the future players of the game develop their skills .

Hope to see you there 

Steve Heard 
Club Chairman 

Steve Heard
The Braemar Club was established some twenty
years ago by two rugby/cricket stalwarts of
‘yesteryear’, Pete Newland and Dick Blackman.
Pete Newland and Dick Blackman founded the
Braemar when they were so moved by the story
of the suicide of a former player and friend who
had visited the ground but had found none of
his former colleagues there. When his body was
found he was surrounded by photographs and
other memorabilia of his playing days at Cobham
which had obviously meant so much to him.
Pete and Dick were so concerned that there was no
actual focal point for past players of previous eras,
particularly when visiting the ground in the hopes
of spotting a friend or two on the touchline. Some
sort of structure was required with some people to
co-ordinate it. So they got on with it and formed The
Braemar Club named after a building at Surbiton
County Grammar School through which all new
pupils passed to begin their school lives. At that
time all past players of the Association would have
been Old Surbitonians.
The Braemar is not an Old Boys organisation but do
provide contact for old friends with similar interests
and are the guardians of the Memorial Board on
which are printed the names of former schoolboys
of Surbiton personally known to some of our
older members. The Memorial ground where the
festivals are being played on is dedicated to these
Surbitonians who lost their lives in the service of
their country (1939-45).
It was quite apparent that it was too easy to lose
contact with former players of both rugby and cricket
clubs and regular meeting dates were fixed so that
old and friendly faces could be seen at the ground
on known occasions. Braemar promised that once a
month they would meet on the touchline or boundary
to act as this much needed focal point whereby
former players could reminisce about past glories,
enjoy a pint or two and see the current players ‘not
making the standards that we did in our day’.
Braemar is a supporters’ organisation. Over the years,
have sponsored the annual Christmas Challenge
rugby match and provided a cup. They are also proud
to sponsor the Braemar Festival, now for Under 11s,
inaugurated in 2009 and held annually by Cobham
Rugby Club. One only needs to google “Braemar
Cup” it to see the excitement in rugby minis circles
at attending this auspicious event. Braemar Trophies
will be awarded to the teams that best embody
the RFUÅs Principles of Play: Teamwork, Respect,
Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship (TREDS).
Braemar has its own club tie (Blue, Maroon and
Gold) and members can be recognised by their
distinctive maroon sweaters and blue fleeces, all
displaying ‘The Lion of St. Mark’ logo. Members
of the Braemar will be presenting Trophies and
medals at the climax of the Braemar Festival on
Braemar is not an exclusive club but is open
to any former players of Old Surbs/CSA who
are recommended for membership. Present
membership is about 100. Any former player who
would like further information please contact either
Pete (01296 730516) or Stuart (01483 476915).
Stuart R. Davies & Pete Newland
Principal Rugby