An innovation in pass development – the Solo Skills Ball.

One end is flat and the other a conventional rugby ball shape. The ball has been specifically developed to bounce back, spin and return to the player when the flat edge is thrown or passed against a wall. Perfect to a SOLO player to practice this Christmas break. Makes a great gift.

The Solo Skills Ball can assist players of all ages and levels in improving their passing, catching, and throwing skills at their own individual performance pace, and independently of a training partner.


  • 3D Grip for ultimate passing and catching control
  • Ultima grade for synthetic rubber
  • Hand-stitched
  • 2 year shape guarantee
  • Sizes: 4
  • Colour: Cobham colours and Logo

Cobham Branded Solo Skills Ball

  • NO postage - Your order will be ready for collection from the Cobham RFC office from the 6th December 2019.