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500 Club

Dear Members,

We have expanded the “CSA 1990 Club” into the revitalised “Cobham 500 Club”.

Once this really gets under way, in addition to the usual monthly prize draws and the usual quarterly prize draws, there will then be a much enhanced draw (not only in terms of the number of prizes but also in respect of the value of the same) at the end of each year.

The cost is £5 a month, which is paid by standing order, but in general terms you can of course purchase as many draw numbers as you wish. You can find information about the competition rules, along with the application and standing order forms, opposite.

The monthly entrance fee is split 50/50, between the prize fund and the rugby club. Anyone wishing to take part in the 500 Club should email Dave / Maggie Burton by email at or by calling 07866 511 699

It is hoped that you will be able to participate.

Steve Heard


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