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Medical Information

Athena Physio provides Cobham Rugby's physiotherapy services. Ably led by physio's David Silver and Rory Mee, no hamstring tweak gets missed, no pain is left to fester, no spurious spasm gets left unresolved.

David and Rory cover senior rugby training from 7pm - 9.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Saturday match cover for every game at the club and away games for the 1st and 2nd teams.

Youth and Mini rugby cover is provided on a Sunday from 10am - 2-30pm and lead by physio Sahra Jalali.

All covering staff are MCSP/BAsRaT members and are first aid/trauma management qualified. Staff contact details can be found on the physio room door at the far end of the changing room corridor or they can often be seen as they're the ones wearing flourescent jackets around the club.

In addition, private physiotherapy and biomechanical screening appointments can be booked with the staff.

The physio's job is to help every player at Cobham perform to their best and stay injury free. Therefore if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact them.

Services are available at the Club, significantly discounted for club members to £35 (non members @ £45).

For more information fill in the contact us or call on 07793 650569.


Athena Physio specialise in

  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation

  • Post Operative Rehabilitation

  • Sports Biomechanics & Injury Prevention

  • Work related pain

  • Peak performance coaching


Concussion is a difficult injury to both assess and treat.


In the vast majority of cases symptoms of concussion resolve over a short period of time and have no lasting impact on a players health. Despite this there have been cases of concussion masking more serious head trauma and so no chances should be taken.


A comprehensive concussion management protocol is in practice at Cobham Rugby. In line with World Rugby and RFU policy, players that are believed to have sustained or report a head injury leading to concussive symptoms will be removed from play immediately.

If a player has been removed from play due to a head injury, they will be guided to a follow up assessment by a qualified onsite therapist present for all matches and training. Players will be asked to participate in a physical and neurological assessment. The player/parent will be supplied with a copy of the assessment within an information pack. 


We ask all parents to report injuries sustained at school or representative teams to age group coaching staff. This is one of the biggest challenges of concussion management and as such parents are relied upon to pass on key injury information. If your child has sustained an injury elsewhere that has been reported to coaches or First aiders, they will be asked to see the onsite therapist to be assessed. parental acknowledgement that a suitable graded return to play has occurred, in line with RFU guidance, is required before a return to play is permitted.


How parents can help


First Aid Volunteers (FAV's) will be keeping close watch for potential injuries.


They cannot watch every player. If you suspect that a player has sustained a head injury that may require review, please inform the coaches or FAV. Player safety is paramount.


If your child develops noticeable symptoms that have gone previously unobserved, please contact lead physiotherapist - David Silver MCSP below and/or seek medical attention as soon as possible.


For more information on concussion or other injuries please do not hesitate to contact us.


As part of the RFU’s recent drive to increase concussion awareness, a series of online resources are available on the RFU HEADCASE website.

First Aid

Managing the first aid and medical needs of a large rugby club can be challenging...


First Aid Volunteers (FAVs) are an essential part of ensuring Rugby is as safe as possible.


The First Aid Guide aims to cover all of the key information you may need as an FAV to successfully ensure player safety is paramount, and every player get the most from their rugby. 


Please see the AED instructions for video guides.

First Aid Guide

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