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Dr David Silver

Cobham RFC is extremely proud and delighted to report that our stalwart physio Dave Silver was successful with his viva voce of his PhD thesis ‘The Challenges of Concussion Assessment, Management and Education within UK Youth Community Rugby Union.’

Professor Ross Wadey described it as one of the best doctoral defences he has seen, with Prof Neal Smith suggesting the majority of academics will go a whole career without achieving the same level of impact.

In advising the club Dr Dave Silver said: “Despite the title going before my name, with certainty, it would not have been possible without tremendous support. Individually and collectively, you and the club have provided immeasurable encouragement and motivation. I cannot thank you all enough.”

“Rugby has given me almost everything worth having in my life. It was the place where I felt most valued and a sanctuary from academic struggles as a child. It taught me the values we all share and the discipline I lacked. Moreover, it built bonds with special people that will never be broken. A community I am so proud to be a part of.”

“I truly believe that the club you have built is unique and a very special community. Fully due to each of your endeavours and commitment. Not only does it continue to lift young people without judgment, as it did for me, but also provides support to all during tough times. I cannot think of a time when such communities have ever been more valuable and rare in society?”

“Yes, we will continue to debate the nuance of the game that binds us. It will evolve as it must, and always has. Perhaps this is its defining feature, perhaps it’s greatest? I feel no fear in this. No one should. It presents no threat to our bonds or values. These shared values weld us together. They are forged even stronger by a little adversity. It is this constant strength that allows us to discuss, adapt and improve. Yes it is a messy business, with darkness at times, but it is OUR business.”

“You have lit the path for me already. I have no doubt your torches will shine even brighter and I am proud to stand beside you all in doing so. Again, my most humble thanks.”

Dave has been the club's physio since 2009 and during that time has not only provided expert care and attention to the Cobham rugby teams but also raised much needed funds for the upgrade of the club's physio room.

Club chairman Steve Heard said: “Many, many congratulations. Doctor Dave Silver has a really nice ring about it and is richly deserved. I know it has been a long and challenging experience to get this completed but the comments say everything about the quality of your efforts. So many of our past and present players have and continue to benefit from your knowledge and expertise. The club is so lucky to have you and so thank you once again.”

Cick here to hear the thoughts of our Director of Ruby Steve Pope.

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