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Joint statement by the boards of Cobham RFC and Reeds Weybridge RFC

On Saturday 16 December 2023 an incident occurred on the pitch during the 1st XV league

match between our two clubs, in which a Reeds player suffered a facial injury.

The foremost thoughts and wishes of both clubs are that the player makes a speedy and full recovery. The incident was dealt with properly at the time by the referee, pitch-side medical support from both clubs and subsequently reported to the authorities that govern our game by Cobham’s management team.

The management of both clubs have and are working closely together. As the police are also looking into the incident both clubs have been advised not to make any statements about the incident on the pitch and we ask that members and supporters of both clubs respect this process.

It has been noticed that there have been some actions and distasteful statements on social media by a very small minority in our rugby community. The boards of both clubs do not condone such behaviour and will act firmly should any members be considered to have not upheld England Rugby’s value of Respect for officials, opposition players, supporters and coaches and in particular should such actions prejudice in any way the investigation process

that is currently underway.

Have a happy and respectful Christmas.

The Boards of Cobham RFC and Reeds Weybridge RFC

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