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Time to support Cobham Rugby’s 500 Club

We do hope this message finds our Club members well and following Government guidelines to stay safe, as this is definitely a very trying time of our lives. It is also a trying time for our beloved sports clubs, keeping their heads above water financially is now tricky.

We know that the management team at Cobham have done all they can to reduce costs and expenditure, and whilst it will help, we all as Rugby Club members can still do our bit towards ensuring the future of the Club. Individually it can’t make a big difference; collectively it has to give us a better chance.

Many of you are already part of the 500 Club, a monthly prize draw that is also a very important fundraiser for the rugby club. For just £5 a month you get a number to enter into the monthly draw, of which half goes to the prize fund and the other half to Club funds. You can have more than one number to increase your chances of a win.

There are two prizes each month, £100 and £50, and during the year there are two £1,000 draws. Any prize money left after that goes into the December draw with six prizes, split proportionately. The current annual prize fund is almost £5,000, and will grow as more people join in.

All you have to do to enter is print two forms – the 500 Club member details and a bank standing order. Click here to download both forms. Complete the necessary personal details, remembering to say how many numbers you would like, and then post it to my address at the bottom of the form - easy! We will do the rest.

We do hope you will take part and help support the future of your rugby club, my rugby club, our rugby club.

Thank you – together we can all come through this stressful time.

Dave / Maggie Burton

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