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Cobham Rugby Club Ambulance For Ukraine

Following the heart-warming success of the Cobham Ukraine Refugee Supplies Fund, the KN5 committee have set their sights even higher!

Whilst in Poland delivering member donations, KN5 Chairman Craig Robson heard of a plan to recommission ambulances for service in Ukraine. A team in Scotland have been buying and refitting ambulances to assist with medical evacuations.

Supported by the Ukrainian government, the ambulances have already helped save lives in towns and cities ripped apart by the war. Hearing this and thinking of the impact an ambulance could make for families, the KN5 crew were again inspired to get on board.


Raise £15K to refit an ambulance, matching sponsorship already secured to buy it.

Craig will then drive the ambulance to the border with Poland, including the remaining donations, where it can be sent on to help save the lives of young and old.


Visit the link below and donate anything you can afford…

• SHARE the link and story as widely as you can…

• TALK to people about what you and the club is doing to help families in need….

• Ask your or a friends BUSINESS to sponsor…

Together we can make a difference – thank you.

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